• 7.9.24-

    Hi again. It's my birthday today! Nothing much planned as of right now for this site so yeah.
  • 6.1.24-

    Happy June, and Happy Pride Month everyone! Been gone for a month cause my computer was broken, just got a new one, still trying to transfer data from the old one to the new one so no major updates to the site as of now. Bye for now
  • 4.24.24-

    Added my Tumblr i've had since 2023 but I deadass forgot lmao
  • 4.15.24-

    Deleted music player cause lol
  • 3.16.24-

    Tweaking stuff in the art gallery
  • - Made another panel to the right to seperately display the site updates!
  • - Added my BitView channel link! The site's really awesome and pretty damn accurate to old YouTube.
  • - Added a music player cause I'm dead inside i'm going fucking insane hel
  • 3.5.24-

    Made a button! I think it looks cool enough :)
  • - Added my Discord server link
  • 3.1.24-

    Happy March! Added my Spotify profile to the sites area (don't bother going there's nothing much there right now)
  • 2.26.24-

    Working on Music and "Stuff" galleries. Just been a bit busy as of late so please be patient with new updates.
  • 2.16.24-

    Took a break yesterday. Starting up work on the art gallery now!
  • - Music Gallery now in progress
  • 2.14.24-

    Valentine's Day Special background
  • 2.13.24-

    Insta link added to the sites area (I just remembered I have an Insta)
  • 2.12.24-

    Navigation Page in progress! Also starting work on Art Gallery!!
  • - Site Updates created! Going to make an effort to post more stuff as I build this site
  • - Guestbook created! Go sign it and say what you think of the website!
  • 2.11.24-

    Site logo created
  • 2.9.24-

    Animated Background!!
  • 1.30.24-



Welcome to my website built upon copy-pasted script from actual competent people

Amy Rose sprite animation- Sonic Advance

The name's BSC/ Triple X Awesomeness. I'm a mostly self-taught artist, looking to be a full-time animator in the future. This is where i'll be posting some of my work. For now, check out my socials!

this site is a work in progress lmao

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